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MSC Provides Practical Process Solutions

For many MSC clients – pharmaceuticals, healthcare, food and beverage, industrial manufacturing, petrochemical, etc. – mission-critical equipment and systems are their lifeblood. HVAC and process cooling systems must run efficiently and consistently to maintain productivity, so whether they’re relying on low-temperature chillers, lypholizers for freeze drying, environmental rooms for critical storage, or clean room systems, proper maintenance and problem diagnosis is vital, because downtime is not an option. Downtime creates big, costly problems, and is usually an unavoidable last resort. With shrinking capital budgets, it is more important than ever to lessen HVAC and process cooling system downtime by fixing and maintaining what you have and replacing only what’s necessary.

MSC has always taken an intensive hands-on approach when it comes to our clients’ process cooling and HVAC equipment and systems, placing utmost emphasis on closely-monitored preventive maintenance. We apply our vast field expertise to diagnostics and providing solid solutions. This combined approach saves customers far more overall than its initial cost.

System Commissioning

MSC works closely with building owners, users, construction managers and commissioning agents from the early construction documents all the way through HVAC equipment installation, start-up and testing. We ensure through our plan of control that everything is working per the design intent. Our hands-on approach is much more than a check list. It is a guarantee of success. Retro-Commissioning

Retro-commissioning is the process by which existing HVAC equipment and systems are tested to ensure they operate to the original design intent. Many systems are in need of the retro-commissioning process as they either have never been properly started and/or commissioned, or have had changes made over the years that, for one reason or another, affect operation efficiency. (HVAC systems are often modified to meet a user’s deficient level of understanding). Oftentimes during the retro-commissioning process MSC finds minor, inexpensive adjustments or repairs can be made instead of large capital expenditures.


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