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MSC's comprehensive, custom-tailored HVAC preventive maintenance programs go well beyond standard low-bid plans that are often misrepresented as comparable products. Though these programs come at a lower price tag, they often cost significantly more in the long run. 

MSC's premium PM programs typically include: 

Air filter and drive belt changes

Condenser coil cleaning

Drain and trap cleaning

Inspect and tighten electrical connections

Inspect/lube fans, motors, and compressors

Evaporator inspection

Heat exchanger inspection

Damper inspection and adjustment

Visual inspection for leaks and corrosion

Verify proper seasonal operation

Scheduled maintenance also includes an HVAC unit assessment to identify and correct performance issues and head off problems before they can occur.

We strongly encourage potential clients to do a line-by-line comparison of our premium plan against other offerings to see the difference. 

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