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MSC service vans


To correct a common misconception, MSC is not a plan-and-spec mechanical contractor with a service department. Rather, we are a service sub-specialist — one of the only contractors of our kind in the U.S. — for complex HVAC, process cooling, and building automation systems. Considering that HVAC accounts for a substantial portion of the energy consumed by commercial and industrial buildings and the high costs associated with equipment failure and replacement, it's important to differentiate between contractor types. 

For more than 45 years, MSC has provided mechanical system diagnostics and repair. We concentrate on extracting peak performance, efficiency, and lifespan from our clients' systems, not applying stopgap measures or unnecessarily replacing equipment. MSC HVAC service technicians are the best-trained and best-equipped in our industry, ensuring that every MSC client benefits from consistently-superior results. 

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