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MSC offers specialized testing services designed to augment preventive maintenance for critical systems by identifying emerging issues before they are noticed and providing advanced diagnostics for observed symptoms and abnormalities. With continual, substantial investment in the most sophisticated diagnostic instruments, as well as technician training and certification, we're equipped to provide clients with superior predictive insights, diagnostics, and solutions.

Vibration & Bearing Testing

vibration testing.jpg

Irregular vibration in rotating HVAC equipment, including bearings, fans, motors, compressors, pumps, etc., indicate emerging problems that can lead to poor system performance, energy inefficiency, and failure. MSC's certified vibration analysts can detect minute vibration abnormalities at their initial stages and accurately identify developing issues like bearing defects, shaft misalignment, imbalance, motor issues, and more, to allow for prompt repair.



thermal imaging.jpg

Thermographic imagery is used to reveal high temperatures in mechanical and electrical components that can often lead to equipment failure and costly downtime. We provide thermal Inspection as a stand-alone diagnostic service or as an add-on supplement to a maintenance program, uncovering issues such as overheating motors and bearings, passing steam traps, cooling and heating coil problems, insulation and ductwork leaks, and more.



sound testing.jpg

HVAC mechanical equipment can produce noise that can affect occupant comfort and reduce productivity, and oftentimes elevated noise is symptomatic of equipment problems and performance issues. MSC performs detailed acoustical analyses in new and existing buildings on chillers, air handlers, cooling towers, air compressors, lyophilizers, etc., measuring sound at various distances and operating conditions to identify issues and allow clients to keep noise levels in check.

VFD & Motor Diagnostics

VFD and motor diagnostics

MSC offers complete variable frequency drive and motor diagnostics including, but not limited to, all VFD internal and external parameters, harmonics, voltage and amperage imbalance, power quality, winding testing, and mechanical performance. All testing can be performed with little to no interruption of standard and mission critical applications.

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