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lab fume hoods


Design/build is a project delivery system in which a single entity delivers a complete project, from preliminary design through installation, start-up, and commissioning. MSC provides specialized design/build services in complex or mission-critical applications and environments. These can include:

Refrigerant piping

Cleanrooms and laboratories

Building automation systems

Retrofit/custom redesign

Mission-critical HVAC

Low temperature/cryogenic

The design/build approach offers many advantages over traditional plan-and-spec projects. The D/B contractor holds sole responsibility and serves as a single point of contact. This ensures improved client/contractor collaboration, seamless engineering/construction integration, better cost control, reduced conflicts, accelerated project completion, and superior overall results. 

With more than 45 years of design/build experience in advanced HVAC and building processes and a professional engineer on staff, MSC is the ideal choice for building systems that require narrow tolerances and highest-level precision. 

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