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MSC crane pick


MSC expert in extracting maximum performance and lifecycle from our clients' existing mechanical systems and equipment, but the time does eventually come when operating and maintaining inefficient or obsolete equipment becomes too costly, and replacement or retrofit is the best option.

MSC provides replacement or retrofit of a wide array of mechanical equipment and systems including HVAC air handling units, split systems, chillers and/or cooling towers, control systems, and refrigeration. As industry specialists in a complete range of commercial and industrial building technologies, MSC's advanced capabilities allow us to approach your system holistically and offer the best overall equipment replacement solution for your specific needs. Retrofit is offered as an economical, effective alternative to equipment replacement where viable.

We provide clients with detailed performance and cost comparisons to help make your choices easier. Equipment change-outs are coordinated to minimize or eliminate interruptions to your business operation. MSC provides preventive maintenance for your new or upgraded systems.

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