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Indoor cannabis cultivation facilities, from micro-grow require highly-specific environmental conditions in which temperature, humidity, and CO2 are precisely balanced and controlled. With more than 45 years of vital hands-on experience in specialized HVAC and control systems in standard and critical environments, MSC is uniquely qualified to ensure that your facility can achieve and maintain the proper conditions for ensuring optimal cannabis plant transpiration, growth, quality, and crop yield. This includes HVAC system design/build, maintenance, diagnostics, repair, and equipment retrofit/replacement. We also have extensive experience in laboratories, cleanrooms, and other mission-critical environments. 

MSC is NEBB-certified in Air and Hydronic Balancing as well as Building System Commissioning, and we have several mechanical engineers on staff including a P.E. to ensure that we can deliver solutions to meet all of our cannabis clients' climate control needs. We provide diagnostics and retro-commissioning of existing HVAC systems to address poor system performance, a common problem in indoor cannabis grow facilities. Turnkey installations include initial planning through final balancing, startup, and commissioning. 

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