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engineer and technician


Commissioning is an essential process when it comes to ensuring that building systems are functioning at peak performance. As a NEBB-certified Building System Commissioning provider, our commissioning team of engineers and specially-trained technicians can identify and correct even the most challenging system problems. Our intensive, hands-on approach, which ideally includes performing or observing equipment startup whenever possible, is far more advanced than basic checklist-reliant commissioning efforts typically offered in our market. We resolve problems in real-time so that projects remain on schedule and within budget. 

​MSC's commissioning team provides functional performance testing of a wide variety of building systems and processes including HVAC, process cooling, BAS, refrigeration, air and water balancing, air handler performance, electrical, steam systems, chilled water systems, and plumbing systems. Our process includes verifying sequence of operation, instrument calibration, and qualification of installation, operation, and performance (IQ / OQ / PQ).

Retro-commissioning, sometimes known as recommissioning, resolves problems that occurred during original design or construction and addresses issues that develop over time, which is common in facilities that have undergone renovation or changes in how interior spaces are utilized. Retro-commissioning benefits include improvements in equipment function, system manageability, documentation, staff training, and IAQ, and clients can expect typical savings of 10-20% in total energy costs. Most fixes can be applied  inexpensively along the way, and many can be achieved through controls changes alone. 

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