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5 Reasons Mission-Critical Operations Need to Optimize Their Cooling This Summer

This year, the Climate Prediction Center is calling for a hotter-than-average summer in the New Jersey region, along with most of the eastern U.S. and current conditions are living up to those expectations.

Extreme heat causes cooling systems to operate at or above ASHRAE cooling design days, causing them to consume more energy. The added strain to your equipment can lead to malfunctions and system failures if there are any weak areas, leaks, inefficiencies or degrading parts. Coupled with unresolved supply chain issues, repairs and part replacements will be much more expensive and take even longer to fix than usual.

Here are 5 reasons why mission-critical facilities need to optimize their cooling systems, so they are prepared when the next heat wave strikes.

1. Protect Mission-Critical Equipment: Computers, sensors, cameras, and other vital equipment can all overheat and malfunction if exposed to high temperatures resulting from HVAC system inefficiencies.

2. Emergency Repair Calls Spike in Peak Summer Months: On average, MSC receives four to five times more calls during a heat wave and response times may be delayed due to the seasonal surge in calls

3. Avoid Costly (and Lengthy) System Downtimes: If your whole system goes down, it has the potential to cost millions of dollars in lost production time—not to mention the time and expense it will take to source replacement parts and make necessary repairs.

4. A Plan without HVAC Redundancy is a Plan to Fail: Do you have a backup in place to keep your operation up and running if your mission-critical HVAC system goes down? System redundancy is critical to providing continuous, uninterrupted service.

5. Lead Times for Parts Increase Significantly: If you need to make a repair in the peak summer months, you’ll likely wait much longer than previous years. MSC projects lead times for replacement parts will increase by as much as 25% this summer. Don’t wait for the next heat wave to hit. Doing so places your mission-critical operations at a higher risk of malfunction or failure.

At MSC, we specialize in keeping mission-critical buildings cool and operational, no matter how intense the heatwave. Our team is ready 24/7 to ensure your systems run smoothly and efficiently.


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