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Building Heat Sources Can Overwhelm HVAC Systems in Summer

As it is often said in the HVAC industry, heating is quite forgiving, but cooling is not.

During winter months, heat sources exist within a building that can assist heating systems and provide occupant comfort. During summer, however, these same sources contribute excessive heat that may be difficult for an HVAC system to overcome if it’s not up to par.

There are numerous building heat sources that can tax a cooling system. In addition to the infiltration of outdoor heat and humidity, sunlight through windows and skylights, office equipment, appliances, electronics, and human bodies can all contribute to heat loads that put your system to the test. Stratification, which can cause large temperature and humidity differentials within a building, can occur. Systems may run continuouslyand can’t maintain a desired set point resulting in skyrocketing electric bills. These problems can be the result of improper sizing, lack of maintenance, or a plethora other system issues.

It is important to consult with an HVAC service expert like MSC to address stubborn cooling problems and inconsistencies. Our objective is to make clients’ existing cooling equipment run at its optimum potential and efficiency, not to replace it. Many cooling issues can be resolved easily and inexpensively.

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