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  • Pete McGrath

What Makes MSC Different?

Mechanical Service Corporation is best described as a family-owned, commercial and industrial HVAC service company based in northern/central New Jersey. But what differentiates MSC from competitors is that, whereas a large majority of competing contractors are plan-and-spec HVAC installers that later branched out into service, MSC has been a diagnostics-focused solver of complex problems since we were first established in 1976. As our name says, HVAC service has been our nucleus from day one.

MSC first got its start in the “low-temp” niche. Our service technicians cut their teeth in the 1980s on low-temperature cascade refrigeration gasoline vapor recovery units in NYC, Long Island, NJ and Boston, and we quickly gained a reputation as a standout in the field. But rather than focusing mainly on the “tricks of the trade”, as many new contractors do, MSC strove from the beginning to learn all there was to know, from top to bottom, about low-temp minus-100°F cascade refrigeration systems. (Cascade means that, instead of a condenser fan to cool the condenser, there is a whole separate refrigeration system cooling the condenser to achieve extremely low temperatures.) Nowadays, MSC has moved on from -100°F vapor recovery units and we are now considered one of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions’ top specialists in -60°F low-temperature drug freeze-dryers known as lyophilizers, or “lyos” for slang.

Another thing that makes MSC different is that we construct our own design/build Honeywell controls automation systems. All of MSC’s trained Honeywell BAS technicians are also hands-on HVAC service technicians, which these days is truly a rarity. MSC’s BAS technicians have the distinct advantage over competitors of knowing the ins and outs of what they’re controlling. MSC is NEBB-certified for air and water balance, also known as testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB). We mainly use our NEBB skills for our own start-ups and troubleshooting. All NEBB technicians at MSC are also hands-on HVAC service technicians.


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