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Time to Reschedule Maintenance Postponed During COVID Lockdown

During ordinary times, HVAC spring preventive maintenance is usually performed in March and April in preparation for the changeover from heating to cooling. This year, however, many businesses postponed PM when the pandemic struck.

Commercial buildings are now beginning to reopen just as full-on summer weather hits, and many HVAC systems are unprepared for the abrupt need for cooling and an increased necessity for cleaner, safer indoor air. Building owners who put off maintenance during stay-at-home orders should reschedule maintenance with their PM provider as soon as possible, particularly since HVAC contractors may be inundated with maintenance and service calls due to businesses starting up dormant systems all at once.

Important cooling season PM items include the following:

  • Change filters

  • Check for proper equipment operation

  • Verify proper damper controls

  • Clean evaporator coils, drain pans, and condenser coils

  • Clean and test cooling towers and tower filtration systems

  • Flush and blow out chilled water systems and clean strainers

  • Flush and blow out reheat hot water systems

  • Check for refrigerant leaks in DX systems

  • Check economizer programming

  • Verify that all systems are operating to design intent


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