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Thermal Imaging Detects HVAC Hotspots, Prevents Breakdown and Equipment Failure

Excessive heat in individual components of a building’s MEP systems can often be primary indicators for malfunction. Mechanical Service Corp. offers thermal imaging services as a standalone diagnostic tool or as an add-on supplement to regular preventive maintenance.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging is a technology in which thermal radiation given off by an object is captured and displayed as an electronic image. Heat is indicated in reds, oranges and yellows while cooler temperatures are displayed in a range of blue, purple and black, revealing problem areas in mechanical and electrical components that can lead to equipment failure and costly downtime.

How is Thermal Imaging Used in Building Systems?

Thermographic imagery can often prevent bearing failure by comparing surface temperatures to recorded benchmarks or other bearings working under similar conditions. Because overheating is a strong sign of impending failure in pumps, fans, and compressors, thermal imaging can be used to detect telltale high temperatures around drives, motors, gearboxes, seals, and gaskets. It can also be used to diagnose problems in chilled water coils, hot water coils, steam coils, DX coils, energy recovery coils, motor control centers, control cabinets, ductwork piping, and steam traps. Electrical problems, moisture accumulation, blockages in pipes, leaky ductwork, and voids in insulation can be identified using thermal imaging as well.

MSC Thermal Imaging Inspection

As with all of our tools and equipment, MSC has made a substantial investment in high-performance professional thermal cameras. Thermal imaging is a highly-effective diagnostic tool and an excellent investment when used as part of preventive and predictive HVAC maintenance programs.


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