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  • Pete McGrath


Halloween season just passed, with all its thrills and chills, but this is a different kind of “screamer”.

A screamer isn’t a fastball, or a type of firecracker, or a horror movie. A screamer is a type of emergency HVAC project, one that’s fast-tracked on steroids, that must get done as soon as humanly possible. Many start off as seemingly minor nightmares that morph quickly into full-blown screamers.

Some examples of screamers:

“The chiller that cools the production line is down and both compressors are dead.”

“The steam boiler that serves the entire plant is down and leaking badly.”

“The chilled water plant blew out a flex connector and now there’s six inches of water in the mechanical room and the entire plant is down.”

When MSC team members are on a screamer and running “all hands on deck” to get our client back in business ASAP, the rest of the company knows not to bother them with other distractions, much like when a major league pitcher is throwing a no-hitter and the rest of the team moves away from him in the dugout so he can focus.

The biggest thing to know about screamers is that you never know when the next one is going to pop up. MSC is always standing at the ready to deal with the next screamer.


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