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  • Pete McGrath

Ode to the Seasoned HVAC Service Technician

The seasoned HVAC service technician has saved the day more times than you can count. Don’t ever call these individuals “old”. We like to refer to them as “heavily experienced in the trade”.

The relationships seasoned service technicians build with the people who run production facilities are akin to family bonds. When your process plant goes down in the middle of a raging snowstorm and a familiar service technician rolls up in a company van to bail you out, you remember that. You appreciate that.

The seasoned HVAC service technician holds a wealth of knowledge extending far beyond the confines of textbooks. They remember when pneumatics was state-of-the-art technology, the “ancient” art of steam, and how to soft-solder upside down without any drips. They know countless tricks of the trade that aren’t taught in any trade school, webinar, or app – things they’ve picked up along the way from decades of service calls, some of them on weekends, holidays, and in the dead the night. Sure, there are plenty of talented young service technicians who are highly knowledgeable about new HVAC technology, but the veterans know their longtime clients’ systems better than anyone.

With forty years in the trade, give or take, you can bet the seasoned HVAC service technician has had their share of injuries, and they wear their battle scars proudly. From minor cuts and abrasions to pulled muscles, frostbite, soldering burns, and a few real knuckle-busters, they know their way around a first aid kit and how to tend to their wounds. (Fun fact: Scotch 33+ electrical tape and a paper towel can work quite well in a pinch).

Seasoned technicians working in our New Jersey climate have braved weather extremes from blustery sub-zero temperatures to sweltering 100-degree heat waves. But the veterans know that bad weather is always outweighed by the many gorgeous “top ten” days spent working outside on a rooftop. It almost feels like having the day off, and they can’t help but pity the poor souls confined to their office cubicles in the building below.

Above all, the seasoned HVAC service technician is resilient, and their dedication and commitment to their trade keep the wheels of production turning. Let’s not forget the invaluable contributions of these individuals, whose well-earned wisdom and expertise continue to fuel and inspire our industry.


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