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MSC Vibration and Bearing Testing for Preventive Measures

MSC offers vibration and bearing condition trending that can be performed in addition to conventional quarterly or biannual preventive maintenance.

Vibration is a common and potentially-damaging phenomenon that can occur in rotating HVAC equipment such as bearings, fans, motors, compressors, and pumps. MSC is expert in vibration testing, with certified vibration analysis specialists on staff and an arsenal of state-of-the-art vibration analysis tools.


Bearings in electric motors and other equipment commonly found in HVAC equipment typically have a service life of about 50,000 hours. Many factors contribute to bearing life span: vibration, greasing, alignment, loading, and speed, just to name a few. Until recently, the only indication of bearing and/or lubrication deficiency was loud operational noise; all too often, bearing issues only become identifiable postfailure.

Now, with new technological breakthroughs, vibration recording equipment is capable of accurately detecting extremely miniscule movements, down to vibrations caused by a ball surface contacting a spall crater less than one-tenth the depth of a human hair. This allows bearing issues to be identified and addressed early on to head off failure before it can occur.


Equipment vibration can indicate bearing issues, misalignment, and unbalance, as well as other potential issues, but most vibration frequencies are undetectable to the human ear. Using specialized instruments, MSC is able to record and analyze equipment vibrations, translating them into components that help identify root cause. This allows for immediate repair, or further trending may be necessary to determine severity of the issue and potential for deterioration over time.


MSC first documents site conditions, mountings, and other equipment history, then collects various industry standard readings utilizing specialized instrumentation. After each data collection cycle, readings are analyzed using published vibration research and the technical experience of our vibration analysis team. Findings are presented to the client in an accurate, concise report illustrating current equipment status, observed trends, and recommended solutions.


MSC technicians are trained in vibration analysis by an independent certification institute unaffiliated with any specific meter manufacturers, thus ensuring that technical learning is focused on the study of analyzing vibration data, not the physical operation of a specific brand of instrument or device.


Every MSC vibration and bearing testing report provides customers with color-coded scale of severity, a detailed description of the issues found, and informed recommendations on how to proceed. Our goal is to educate our clients on the condition of their equipment and provide them with the accurate information necessary to avoid costly unplanned downtime.


  • Flags and identifies potential issues

  • Reduces unplanned service emergencies

  • Allows for pre-planning of service or equipment replacement

  • Most cost effective for critical applications

  • Trending of vibration or bearing damage levels enable accurate predictions and budgeting for replacement

Contact MSC at 973-884-5000 to find out how implementing these programs in your facility can help you avoid costly, unplanned downtime and implement a more proactive approach to equipment maintenance.


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