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MSC Steps In to Resolve Recurring Screw Compressor Failures

MSC recently made a true believer of a new client by going far “above and beyond” to finally solve a costly long-term compressor problem plaguing their 200-ton screw chiller. Over several years, an MSC service representative had developed a relationship with the facility manager who, despite his growing frustration with repeatedly having to replace failed screw compressors to the tune of $40,000 a pop, was hesitant to release the service arm of the chiller’s manufacturer as their service provider. But when a fifth compressor failed, the client finally took a leap of faith and contacted MSC to find the root of the problem and stop the bleeding.

MSC tapped a seasoned service technician with over thirty-five years of experience to spearhead the investigation into the string of compressor failures. Following the installation of a new compressor, our tech did an in-depth analysis of the chiller during operation. He soon narrowed his focus on the oil lubrication systems when he noted multiple irregular drops in oil pressure. When investigations into the usual causes of oil pressure issues didn’t pan out, he dug even deeper, removing, disassembling, and examining the entire oil filter housing, where he finally discovered the problem. One side of the filter housing had been only partially drilled during manufacturing, severely constricting the oil lubrication system and causing multiple compressors to fail.

The solution was simple, effective, and quick. Eager to get his chiller up and running, the client had his onsite machine shop properly drill out the port. The repaired oil filter housing was promptly reinstalled and oil pressure readings returned to normal – problem solved. The client was relieved and thankful, and more than a little irritated with the chiller manufacturer. He asked our service technician why, after twenty years and $200,000, the previous service team had been unable to find the problem in equipment manufactured by their own company. Simply put, the knowledge, experience, and persistence of the MSC sales team and service technician didn’t allow them to give up until we solved our customer’s problem.


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