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MSC Service Call Turns Into Successful Retro-Commissioning

MSC technicians were dispatched on a service call at a New Jersey healthcare facility to address multiple complaints in an area that was less than two years old. Prolonged spans of excessive temperatures were occurring in some areas of the building while other spaces were experiencing short, intermittent temperature swings. Temperature, airflow and humidity were drifting out, and in-house maintenance staff didn’t have the experience or equipment to properly control space conditions.

MSC technicians noted abnormally high temperatures upon their arrival at the facility, so data loggers were installed in several areas to record temperatures over a three-day period. Sure enough, temperatures were swinging out of condition. Airflow measurements were compared to the original balancing reports, revealing reductions in airflow ranging from 10% to 18.5% in various areas. HEPA air filters were found to have been slowly loading with particulates. A check of the dehumidification sequence showed it to be working improperly, and the relative humidity sensor was in need of calibration. As their analysis of the various HVAC issues progressed, MSC’s suspicion that the area had only been partially commissioned was confirmed by the lack of certain commissioning documents.

MSC reported their findings to the client and recommended a small retro-commissioning project. An air rebalance was performed and all HEPA filters and final filters were replaced. Reheat valve functionality and performance was checked and corrected, and sequence of operation was re-verified. All temperature and humidity sensors were calibrated, and MSC made a recommendation to replace the RH sensor with a dew point sensor to better serve the area.

MSC assisted the client in writing a detailed SOP to be performed annually, rather than every two years, as had been intended. Impressed and satisfied with our services, MSC was hired to perform the facility’s SOP on an annual basis.


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