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MSC Provides Refrigeration Piping Design Services

Among the expert services offered by MSC | Mechanical Service Corp. is refrigeration piping design, installation, and repair. Refrigeration piping and control requires in-depth knowledge of pressure, frictional loss, velocities, oil migration, and controls. Many compressor failures and replacements are caused by improper refrigerant piping size and layout, causing compressor overheating and/or flood back. We frequently get calls from frustrated building owners who are on their second or third costly compressor replacement and just want the bleeding to stop, and many have already arrived at the realization that the problem doesn’t stem from the compressor itself.

On many new construction and major renovation projects, experienced design firms and contractors alike know the risks, so they have MSC design, and oftentimes install, the new refrigeration piping. Whether it’s comfort cooling or mission-critical process cooling, no one can afford downtime, complaints, and unnecessary compressor failures.

Click on the image to view an example of MSC refrigeration piping drawings.

MSC’s approach is to thoroughly analyze and review your systems and equipment and their layout, asking all the right questions and gathering all the necessary information to provide clients with the most efficient, cost-effective refrigeration piping design. We perform installation, evaluation, charging, and startup, as well. MSC has provided these services for some of the largest and most prominent mechanical contractors, design firms, and Fortune 500 companies. Call us to discuss your project or refrigeration piping challenges and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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