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MSC Provides Lyophilizer Maintenance and Repair

A lyophilizer, or freeze dryer, is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a pharmaceutical plant. It is a complex piece of machinery that includes a refrigeration system among its most important components. As with most process cooling, whether the lyophilizer is a small lab unit or a truck-sized production dryer, preventive maintenance and testing is necessary to ensure high product quality standards and to prevent costly equipment failure.

With many types of lyophilizers available – reciprocating or screw compressors, DX coils or heat exchanger with low-temperature glycol, etc. – experience is a necessity for effective lyophilizer maintenance, diagnostics and repair. A skilled contractor must understand the lyophilizer process and be aware of inherent problems and failure points, particularly in screw-type machines. MSC has built a solid reputation as a leading expert in lyophilizer maintenance, diagnostics and service.

Many lyophilizers have a built-in function testing system that should be run annually at minimum and as often as monthly depending on a facility’s standard operating procedures (SOP). The function test will check refrigeration and mechanical components including compressors, refrigerant charge, valves, heat transfer systems, etc. Common lyophilizer issues include refrigerant leaks, electrical relay failures, and valve failures.

For expert lyophilizer service and maintenance, please contact MSC / Mechanical Service Corp. at 973-884-5000.


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