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MSC Provides HVAC Vibration Testing

Vibration is a common occurrence in rotating HVAC equipment such as fans, motors, compressors and pumps. MSC / Mechanical Corp. is expert in vibration testing, with a full-time vibration analysis specialist, mechanical engineer Andy Heilmann, on staff, as well as a variety of state-of-the-art vibration analysis tools that include hand-held Fluke meters, data loggers, and the highly-sophisticated TPI Model 9041 Ultra II.

Common causes of HVAC vibration issues include:

  • Missing or undersized vibration isolators on cooling towers and equipment.

  • Missing or improperly sized pump inertia base.

  • Missing flex connectors on inlet and/or discharge side of pumps, compressors, condensers and other moving equipment.

More complex issues such as resonance, or a resonance band coinciding with fan stall or fan surge, can cause unwelcome noise and dangerous vibration that can quickly jeopardize large equipment. These conditions are more difficult to diagnose and require specific tools, training and experience in vibration analysis.

Many equipment problems and failures due to vibration can be avoided through dynamic balancing on new installations with large-HP motors, and existing motors should undergo simple vibration testing at least once a year to ensure peak performance. For assistance with vibration issues or to schedule vibration testing, call MSC’s Andy Heilmann at 973-884-5000. Detailed case studies and vibration analyses are available upon request.


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