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  • Pete McGrath

MSC Lives in the Middle

Direct digital controls, or DDC, is a language in and of itself, spoken by those who perceive things in a more digital way than the rest of us mortals. How the controls actually work, meaning how they tell HVAC equipment what to do, is that language.

MSC oftentimes acts as a technical interpreter between the controls side and the equipment side of an HVAC system. Our controls programmers are fluent in DDC, and they understand the different “dialects” of different manufacturers and know how to make them communicate.

Many times each month, MSC purchases a piece of commercial HVAC equipment which usually comes with some type of on-board controls. Our job is to look at those controls and determine what is the best way to integrate that HVAC unit into an existing plant or control system, all of which must run flawlessly in all weather conditions in order to hold all setpoints.

MSC knows DDC controls as we have installed and serviced Honeywell open-protocol systems for many years. That, combined with our expert knowledge of HVAC systems and designs, means we always know how to make the two sides “talk” and understand each other.

At MSC, we live in the middle.


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