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"MSC is for people who are looking for real solutions"

This testimonial, which appeared for many years on our website, came from a famed New Jersey telecommunications company and longtime MSC client after we solved several long-standing problems that had plagued their R&D facility for several years. We believe it captures the root of what our company is all about.

airflow testing

Over the nearly 50 years we’ve been in business, MSC has become known among construction managers, design engineers, direct clients, and other mechanical contractors as the go-to for complex or pervasive HVAC and process cooling problems. Oftentimes, these calls come late in the game, after band-aid fixes based on guesswork have been applied and have failed. MSC is also called in when what we call “the finger-pointing” begins, where no one has a handle on what’s needed to actually solve the problem and the main focus has shifted to placing blame. MSC’s reputation as an effective problem-solver precedes us, which is why much of our business comes from referrals.

MSC service technicians are the best trained and equipped in our industry and are supported by an on-staff team of mechanical engineers including a licensed P.E. We invite you to explore our website to learn about our services and superior capabilities and read our case studies, blogs, and quarterly newsletters. If you are experiencing problems with your existing or new HVAC, controls, or process cooling, please call us at 973-884-5000 to arrange a service appointment or to speak to one of our engineers.


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