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MSC Invests Substantially More in Tools and Training

Among the most important things a premium service specialist like MSC can do for their clients is to make continual, substantial investments in advanced diagnostic tools and technician training. That’s why we strive to ensure that our elite roster of service technicians is the best-trained and best-equipped in our industry.

MSC continually invests in the most sophisticated, up-to-date diagnostic tools available, from megohmmeters and micromanometers to multimeters and ultrasonic flow meters, and we spare no expense to make sure all of our technicians receive in-depth training on how to use them correctly and effectively. MSC service techs receive continual technical training, regularly attend vendor training seminars, and take part in monthly, collaborative in-house workshops where they share problems and solutions, and stay updated on the latest equipment, controls, and technology.

Low hourly service rates are often strong indicators of inadequate investment in diagnostic tools and service technician training. Notably, however, the opposite is sometimes true in the case of some (though not all) major-manufacturer service departments that charge top dollar for substandard service performed by ill-trained technicians.

MSC certifications include MSCA STAR, UA STAR, NEBB Air and Hydronic Balancing, NEBB Building Commissioning, and CFC Refrigeration. We are fully licensed in electrical, plumbing and HVAC and our service technicians are supported by on-staff licensed professional engineers to ensure that customers consistently receive the highest level of expertise, quality, service, and professionalism possible.


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