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MSC Focuses on Specialized HVAC Systems for NJ Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis cultivation requires tightly-controlled environmental conditions in which temperature, humidity, and air filtration are precisely balanced, monitored, and managed. The manufacturing of cannabis products calls for a highly-specific environment as well. As a service subspecialist in the technical intricacies of HVAC, process cooling, and building automation in both standard and critical environments, Mechanical Service Corporation is uniquely qualified in HVAC and climate system design, maintenance, service, and diagnostics for cannabis industry clients.

Legalized recreational marijuana is new to New Jersey and is expected to be highly lucrative for our state. In May 2022 the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission reported that customers spent more than $24 million on cannabis in the first month of sales. Headset, a cannabis industry analytics firm, expects New Jersey to become one of the highest-revenue cannabis markets in the country, generating between $1.3 billion and $2.9 billion annually.

MSC has vast special-application HVAC and environmental controls experience that is well-adapted to cannabis cultivation and manufacturing. This includes:

  • Climate control in grow facilities and vivariums

  • Laboratories and cleanroom environmental controls

  • Special-requirement production and R&D

  • GMP production facilities

  • Ventilation systems in hazardous environments

  • Secure facilities with strict access and security protocols (pharmaceuticals, correctional, government laboratories)

  • Specialized exhaust and ventilation systems (production, laboratory, R&D, etc.)

  • Odor mitigation (carbon filtration, ionization, high-plume dilution exhaust)

  • Humidification and dehumidification

  • Drying and curing rooms and tunnels

  • Programmable direct digital controls (DDC) including in-house control panel fabrication

  • Air and water control (automatic valves, air dampers, temperature, lighting, timers, etc.)

  • Real-time environmental monitoring including remote access and historical trend logging

MSC is NEBB-certified in Air and Hydronic Balancing as well as Building System Commissioning, and all of our technicians are MSCA STAR-qualified. With several mechanical engineers and a licensed P.E. on staff, MSC can deliver expert design/build solutions to meet our cannabis clients’ specific needs. Our turnkey installations include initial planning and design to final air balancing, start-up, and commissioning.

MSC also specializes in diagnostics and retro-commissioning of existing HVAC systems. Oftentimes, new systems are not properly configured during start-up and commissioning, resulting in problems and poor performance. These issues are very common in indoor cannabis grow facilities, largely due to the challenges of working out the bugs in a new and rapidly-growing industry. Retro-commissioning, sometimes known as recommissioning, can resolve problems that occurred during design or construction, or address problems that developed over time, particularly in facilities that have undergone renovation or changes in how interior spaces are used.

For more information on how MSC can help cannabis cultivators and manufacturers with the design, maintenance, service, diagnostics, or commissioning/retro-commissioning of your manufacturing or grow facility, please contact MSC business development manager Brad Morrow at (973) 884-5000.


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