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MSC Capabilities

Mechanical Service Corporation, better known as MSC, is not a mechanical contractor. MSC is the Northeast’s leading service subspecialist in the technical intricacies of HVAC and controls in the commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors – something very different from mechanical contractors whose primary areas of expertise are installation, general repairs, and overall maintenance. MSC is staffed by an expert team of diagnosticians who are specially trained troubleshoot and solve complex or elusive problems, identify and correct potential issues, and attain peak performance from our clients’ HVAC, process cooling, and building automation systems.

MSC offers a full range of specialty services and 24/7 emergency response. These services include:

Diagnostics – MSC employs the most knowledgeable and well-equipped mechanical diagnosticians in our industry. Their expertise extends to HVAC, process cooling, refrigeration, electrical, controls, instrumentation, thermodynamics, and air and water balancing. Continual in-house training and bi-weekly peer-to-peer workshops ensure that MSC service techs are fully knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest technology. MSC provides comprehensive technical reporting detailing all testing, identified issues, and recommended solutions to keep our clients informed on the performance of their systems.

HVAC Service – MSC is one of the only dedicated HVAC and controls service subspecialists in the United States, and with our service comes 100% assurance that our clients receive the best possible knowledge and care in our industry. Service is our business.

Air & Water Balancing – As is a NEBB-certified specialist in air and water balancing, MSC performs detailed analyses of building systems to identify and correct issues that impede optimal performance and efficiency. The majority of problems uncovered by air and water balancing can be corrected quickly and inexpensively, and most clients see an immediate reduction in energy bills as well as noticeable improvements in occupant comfort.

Commissioning – MSC is an expert in hands-on building system commissioning, identifying and resolving complex issues in real time to ensure on-time project delivery. Our team of commissioning specialists provide functional performance testing of systems and processes including HVAC, process cooling, BAS, refrigeration, air and water balancing, air handler performance, electrical, steam and chilled water systems, and plumbing. We verify sequence of operation, instrument calibration, as well as installation, operation, and performance.

Building Automation Systems – MSC has more than 30 years’ experience in BAS (aka BMS, BACS, or BCS) that monitor and control functions such as HVAC, lighting, process, power, security, fire protection, plumbing, and water monitoring. We provide a full range of BAS services including design, installation, diagnostics, repair, loop check, continuity check, and commissioning for DDC, electronic, and pneumatic building systems.

Preventive Maintenance – MSC offers premium-quality, comprehensive preventive maintenance programs that are customized to fit each client’s specific needs, going well beyond the typical programs offered by competitors. In addition to all manufacturer-recommended tasks, our PM programs include system operation analyses to identify potential issues.

Equipment Retrofit and Replacement – MSC specializes in servicing and optimizing performance and lifecycle in existing mechanical systems, but we can replace or retrofit existing equipment when necessary, including air handling units, split systems, chillers and/or cooling towers, control systems, and refrigeration. Our expertise in a full range of building technologies enable us to provide superior solutions to our clients.


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