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HVAC System Design, Installation and Service in Unique Process Environments

When it comes to HVAC in specialized mission-critical environments that call for extremely tight tolerances and parameters, many owners, construction managers, and large design firms look to MSC to provide design, installation, and maintenance services.

Industries that often require tightly-controlled temperature, humidity, air changes, pressurization, and filtration include pharmaceuticals, healthcare, laboratories and cleanrooms, microelectronics manufacturers, petroleum and chemicals, and many others. These strict tolerances are oftentimes regulatory requirements.

Creating and maintaining an environment that is stable and repeatable differs from HVAC comfort control, which usually pertains to entire building systems. Mission-critical and unique process environments, on the other hand, often focus on specific rooms and areas within a facility. Many of these systems control temperature using DX when chilled water is not available.

MSC has been involved in projects where, for example, temperatures had to be controlled within +/- 1°F, or humidity within +/- 5% relative humidity, or differential pressures between air locks, rooms and corridors maintained between .01% to .05%. Other MSC clients require different extremes, such as one that required a system designed to mimic weather extremes, fluctuating between 35°F and 150°F with variable humidity control. Another's manufacturing processes called for 68°F +/- 2°F, with an RH of 15% +/- 10%.

Beyond designing, installing, servicing and maintaining these special process environments, MSC provides commissioning and performance validation and guarantees results.


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