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HVAC Capital Improvements 2022: Purchase Early to Meet Delivery Deadlines

It has long been a common practice for companies to examine their annual budget during the latter half of their fiscal year to determine whether funds are available for much-needed capital improvements. In 2022, however, pandemic-related supply chain shortages and delays have upended this norm as far as HVAC equipment purchases are concerned.

With lead times for new HVAC equipment still pushing 16-20 weeks or longer, businesses considering these and other long-lead purchases don’t have the luxury of putting off evaluating capital budgets and waiting until Q3 or Q4 to place equipment orders. Facility managers and engineers are strongly urged to start this process as soon as possible in order to ensure delivery before the end of the current fiscal year.

Please contact MSC at 973-884-5000 for equipment selection and lead-time assistance.


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