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  • Pete McGrath

Hiring Good People

Mechanical Service Corporation founder and company president Harry Hartigan has always said, “If you hire good people that want to work hard and do a good job, you can teach them almost anything”. A perfect example of this is Vick, a longtime lead foreman here at MSC.

Back in the early 1990s, when Harry was in the process of building a new family home, a talented young finish carpenter named Vick caught his eye. Vick's work ethic and attention to detail were exceptional and the quality of his trim work was top-notch. He was the kind of worker Harry was always looking for at MSC, so he struck up a conversation with the 6’5” young man and was duly impressed. Even though Vick lacked HVAC experience, Harry offered him a job on the spot.

Vick learned many skills from Harry over the years and became an impressive HVAC expert in his own right. He is extremely knowledgeable in heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, chillers, rigging, soldering, piping, TIG welding, and stick welding, as well as power wiring, control wiring, air and water balancing, variable frequency drive programming, plumbing, troubleshooting, and layout.

On the job, Vick is “large and in charge” of any given situation and in all kinds of weather. Under MSC’s electrical and plumbing licenses, he routinely performs wiring and plumbing on various projects. He is NEBB-certified in testing, adjusting, and balancing the many HVAC systems his team installs. He is a natural leader and his talents are remarkable, and we often receive calls and emails from clients telling us how impressed they are with Vick.

In my 46 years in this business, I’ve never seen another HVAC foreman whose talents even come close to Vick’s, which goes to prove that Harry once again was right.


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