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Fall is Here: Get Ready for Heating Season

As summer turns to fall and we make the transition from cooling to heating, now is the time to make sure economizer cycles are working properly to take advantage of the free, cool nighttime air.

Autumn is also the time to perform preventive maintenance on all of your HVAC equipment and building systems. Good PM goes well beyond standard tasks like changing filters, checking belts, and cleaning coils and condensate pans. MSC recommends inspecting heat exchangers, balancing hydronic systems, checking heat pump systems, and checking heating controls.

If you’ve been considering retro-commissioning, which can extend equipment life, reduce downtime and repairs, and substantially reduce energy costs, fall is the ideal time to do it. This is also a good time to perform overdue repairs, deferred projects, shutdowns, controls replacements, and other projects you’ve been putting off for so long.


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