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David vs. Goliath: MSC's Advantage Over Big HVAC Conglomerates

MSC never set out to be the biggest fish in the HVAC service pond. Our goal from the beginning in 1976 was always to be the best. Large-scale HVAC conglomerates may have the advantage of multi-million-dollar marketing budgets and name recognition, but MSC outperforms them when it comes to our expert service technicians, personalized service, and overall capability in our field. What we lack in scale, we make up in expertise and customer satisfaction.


Heavy concentration on technical training gives MSC techs the advantage over competitors in diagnosing problems and finding solutions. In addition to our significant investment in outside training, MSC technicians participate in monthly in-house training workshops led by our owner. Technicians for large conglomerates, on the other hand, are rarely given training due to cost considerations and, in fact, have very limited team interaction.

In-House Services

As an HVAC service subspecialist, MSC doesn’t subcontract specialized services, unlike the big conglomerates. We perform our own air and water balancing, vibration analysis, thermal imaging, VFD and motor diagnostics, commissioning and retro-commissioning, and many other services beyond the abilities of the typical large-conglomerate technician.

Parts Quality

MSC has the freedom and flexibility to select best-quality replacement parts wherever possible. Big conglomerates bid out replacement parts to obtain lower pricing, constraining them to using inferior products purchased in bulk. Parts made of thinner metal, weaker plastic, and cheaply-made electronics don’t last as long and cost the customer just as much as MSC’s higher quality selections.

Business Model

Large-scale HVAC conglomerates follow profit-focused business models that limit flexibility when it comes to customer service. Out-of-the-ordinary problems and callbacks don’t figure into their narrow, predetermined profit margins, and most have a strict policy of not responding to emergency service calls if a client is even slightly behind in payments, no matter how dire the situation. MSC, on the other hand, values customer relationships, and we handle every call on a personal, case-by-case basis. It is our policy to always act in our clients’ best interest, each and every day.


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