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Benefits of Retro-Commissioning and Recommissioning Building Systems

Retro-commissioning, sometimes known as recommissioning, is the application of the commissioning process to existing buildings to improve how mechanical, electrical, and controls systems function interactively and enhance overall building performance. MSC is a NEBB-Certified Building Systems (BSC) contractor with a team of engineers and technicians capable of identifying and resolving even the most challenging commissioning and retro-commissioning problems.

The ultimate goal of retro-commissioning is to ensure that building systems are meeting the unique needs of occupants while operating as efficiently as possible. It can resolve problems that occurred during design or construction, or address problems that have developed over time. This is especially common in facilities that have undergone renovation or changes in how interior spaces are utilized. With today’s highly-integrated control systems, small problems can trickle down and significantly affect overall building performance. Time takes a toll, as well. Even well-constructed and properly-maintained building systems will experience performance degradation over time.

Retro-commissioning provides a wide array of benefits, including typical savings of 10-20% in total energy costs. Other benefits are improvements to equipment performance, system manageability, documentation and staff training, and IAQ. Most of these improvements can be done inexpensively along the way, and many can be achieved through controls changes alone.

For more information on retro-commissioning, please call MSC at 973-884-5000.


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