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1988 MSC Newsletter: Our Core Values and Dedication Still Remain the Same

Recently, a search through some file storage boxes turned up an old Mechanical Service Corp. newsletter called MSC News and Views, and the article topics were familiar. How MSC invests substantially more time and money on service technician training than our competitors. The importance of maintaining a “can-do” attitude when serving our customers. How we overcame challenges on several large installation projects. Familiar names like Harry Hartigan, Mike Hartigan, Mike Roberto, and Pete McGrath were mentioned.

The topics covered in the newsletter seem very contemporary, but the publish date – Fall/Winter 1988 – was decidedly not. Many of our employees hadn’t even been born yet.

What was most striking about the old newsletter was how our core values, company culture, and primary focus on service have remained largely the same. If it weren’t for the references to older HVAC technology and the black-and-white photos of employees sporting high 80s hair and big mustaches, much of the content could have been published this year in MSC Tech Talk, our quarterly newsletter.

Thirty-three years later, these consistencies and the fact that we have a good number of employees who have been with us for over three decades speak undeniably to MSC’s status not only as a premium specialist in HVAC service, process cooling and building automation, but as an outstanding place to work. MSC’s deepest thanks go out to the exemplary men and women whose collective dedication and hard work have made us the successful company we are today.

Read the Fall/Winter 1988 issue of MSC News and Views here.


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