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  • Pete McGrath

There's Nothing Like a Good Deadline

Many years ago, I was complaining to my engineer friend Rit about the various deadlines that I had coming up on several industrial HVAC jobs. I was looking for sympathy, but he gave me none. His response was “there’s nothing like a good deadline”, and he was right. Deadlines are a part of life at MSC, and his words would ring true to me for many decades ahead.

At Mechanical Service Corporation, we are often faced with deadlines on projects where we’re under the gun to get the job done, no matter what happens. In the trade, we call these jobs “screamers”. On numerous occasions, MSC has replaced large-tonnage rooftop HVAC units over a weekend, starting our disconnections on Friday night and having them up and running for Monday morning for the opening of business. Since MSC is NEBB-certified for air and water balancing, air readings are taken before we replace RTUs so we can set them up for similar airflows, and systems are properly started up and commissioned. A number of well-known companies regularly count on MSC to pull a weekend screamer.

Projects with hard-hit deadlines don’t just involve normal commercial building HVAC systems. One of MSC’s areas of specialty is the service and maintenance of low-temp drug freeze-dryers, or lyophilizers. Each year between Christmas and New Year’s, MSC staffs a six-man crew for a pharmaceutical facility where we tear down and perform annual service on multiple low-temp refrigeration systems that turn liquid drugs into longer-shelf life powder drugs. Without fail, the client’s lyophilizers are validated, commissioned, and back up and running strong on January 2nd, ready for another year of drug manufacturing.

All in all, clients can always depend on MSC because we have never disappointed, ever.


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