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Plan of Control for Start-Up and Commissioning

In order to achieve success on any project, you must have a Plan of Control. While every project has a schedule, and perhaps milestones, what is often lacking is a detailed plan for startup, sequence and functionality to desired results.

An effective plan of control should include a detailed startup schedule that compliments HVAC project milestones such as cooling for warmer weather and heating for cooler weather, ventilation for installation of finishes, and having process equipment available to support process functions. The Plan of Control also delves much deeper, providing a detailed sequence specific to the project and its specified HVAC and controls equipment and hardware. How will the chillers interact with the cooling towers? How will the boilers run, and in what sequence? What type of internal control will the VFDs have? What communication protocol will you use, and how?

At MSC, we know that a Plan of Control is a must-have, not an option. A good plan of control will have everything working properly and running as efficiently as possible, support equipment longevity, and provide years of trouble-free duty. And with today’s HVAC design and installation and control budgets cut to nearly nothing, doesn’t it make more sense than ever?


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