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Our Technicians

Sharing Knowledge

As the leading diagnostics and service specialist in complex commercial and industrial HVAC, process cooling and building automation systems, it is very important that our service technicians are fluent across the board in the latest advances, techniques, and technologies to meet our clients' every need. This is achieved through:

  • Continual technical training
  • Monthly collaborative in-house workshops
  • Vendor-sponsored training seminars
  • Substantial investment in the most advanced diagnostic tools available

Our ongoing training sessions are for the entire company, not just the technical team. Every few weeks we discuss every aspect of a project and everyone attends... from our sales staff to the company President; the technicians, who relate hands-on examples of what issues were encountered in the field and the innovative solutions used for resolving them.

Through sharing what we learn, whether it be a discrepancy in the manufacturer's instructions, a defect in a product or an improper installation, MSC resolves the issues by working together as a team. We follow the manuals but we also test the equipment on site and occasionally assist in re-writing the instructions. along with the manufacturer. The bottom line is MSC is able to achieve results in less time with less expense.

MSC is NEBB-certified and our service technicians are MSCA STAR-certified to ensure that customers consistently receive the highest level of expertise, quality, service, and professionalism possible.

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